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    Educational services provided for children:
  • Our weekly fun phonics sessions last for approximately 45 minutes
  • They are closely linked to the DFE Letters and Sounds  programme and progress through all seven aspects of  phase 1 phonics and into phase 2. Many of our school leavers can recognise lots of the letters by their sound and orally blend simple CVC words
  • The children learn through songs, story telling, puppets and play
  • Large groups of children (from as young as two) can enjoy these fast paced, engaging sessions
  • Pre-school staff train and learn techniques that they can use to support the children at other times throughout the day
  • Our qualified teachers instinctively identify children with speech and language delays and offer support and techniques to guide them through their early years
  •  The children extend their vocabulary through songs, rhyme, alliteration and multi-sensory activities 
  • All activities are planned to improve co-ordination and fine motor skills


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