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These brand new tiles will engage even the most reluctant of learners. We believe that active learning helps all children.

These tiles can be used in so many ways! Once you have built the whole kit, you will have a 12x12 multiplication grid.

The operation symbols can then be used to carry out level appropriate sums. 

These tiles are brilliant for teaching children about inverse. 

You will get: 

One Complete kit to construct yourself:

1 times table

2 times table

3 times table

4 times table

5 times table

6 times table

7 times table

8 times table

9 times table

10 times table

11 times table

12 times table

Operation symbols

You will recieve 169 blank tiles, 169 stickers plus 3 rolls of silicone tape to cut into the correct lengths. You will also receive a nice box to keep them all in. These will take approximately 1 hour for you to construct.


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Not to be used by children under 3 years of age

Let's make learning FUN!!!

DIY times tables kit with all components included


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