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We often get asked about phase 4 phonics. We don't have wristbands for this phase and we don't have individual tiles for word building with this phase either. Why? Because these are all phonemes (units of sound) that the children have learned in phases 2 and 3a... there are no new sounds to be taught in this phase. Therefore, the chidren are only being asked to look carefully at the beginning and end consonant clusters of words for spelling. 


Many children write as they hear... so words like stop may be spelled sdop and train is often spelled chrain and drill jrill for example. For this reason, phase 4 must not be missed out! 


These word cards work beautifully with our famous word building tiles. They are  colour coded to help your children see and spell words systematically. These are a must have PDF, DIGITAL (not physical) resource. 



Phase 4 handwriting flash cards

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