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Have you heard about the new criteria that has been set out to validate systematic  synthetic phonics programmes? Are you worried about the changes and how they might effect your school programme? Do you currently use Letters and Sounds? Are you wondering how letters and sounds has changed? Are you thinking about investing in a new systematic synthetic phonics programme or do you think you can do it yourself with a little bit of support and guidance? WE ARE HERE TO HELP! 

In this webinar we will closely examine the 16 essential core criteria and determine how you can use them to enrich your existing phonics programme. We will provide advice and support to those wishing to stick to their own planning and also hear about some of the new programmes on the market. 

New Government guidance from the Government about phonics

This unique training is tailored around the government’s new guidance for programme providers and answers many questions about what this means for your school:

  • How will you train your staff?
  • Who will be in charge of ensuring fidelity? 
  • How will you group and assess your pupils? 
  • How will you help the lowest achieving 20%
  • Who who will make the resources and come up with the multi sensory theme? 

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