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Welcome to the Wonderful and Fascinating World of Phase 2 Phonics!

Welcome to the Wonderful and Fascinating World of Phase 2 Phonics!

Fine motor Fun phonics - Gallery 1

Phase 2 Phonics is the start of letter recognition and is vital to ensure successful development for every child.

Throughout this Phase children are introduced to the first 19 sounds and the corresponding grapheme. But what is a Grapheme? What is a Phoneme?


PHONEME – A phoneme is the sound a grapheme makes.

GRAPHEME– A grapheme is the way the letter looks.

Our team at Fun Phonics are passionate about creating the best learning resources for all children and that is why we believe that children should not be taught graphemes in alphabetical order.

We therefore teach children graphemes in an order that helps them to start making words more quickly and is a much more beneficial way of teaching.


The first sounds children will learn are: s, a, t, p, i, n. After that children then learn: m, d, g, o, c, k, e, u, r, h, b, f and l.

At Fun Phonics we have created fully systematic colour coded products.. red-phase 2, orange-phase 3a, green-phase 3b, yellow-phase 5a, blue- phase 5b and purple-phase 6.

The following image is of one of our sound mats. This pdf is available for download on our membership area.

Phase 2 Sound Mat
Phase 2 Sound Mat

When children have learnt some of these sounds they will start learning how to segment (break up) and blend together the different sounds to read different words.

They will focus first on CV (Consonant Vowel) and CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) words.
Examples for these would be: a, t(at) – for a CV word and c, a, t (cat) for a CVC word.

At this point children are also introduced to some non-decodable words so words that can’t be sounded out phonetically such as: I, go and no. Again depending on the school scheme being used children will learn these in a slightly different order.


Phase 2 linking cubes

26 phase 2 ping pong balls and shooters- tricky words

Our Fun Phonics Phase 2 Ping Pong Balls are a great way of introducing this phase in a fun way. Children can enjoy endless hours of fun by playing catch with them with our shooters and Fun Phonics Ball Catchers.


Latest News!!

We have launched a new product to our shop. A Phase 2 Starter Pack complete with everything your child needs to begin their Phase 2 journey. This pack is essential for active learning and aids in developing fine motor skills.

The pack includes: Phase 2 Booster Tiles and a silicone strip of tape, Phase 2 wipe clean and reusable flashcards, a whiteboard pen and a red wristband for your child to wear. This wristband is a fantastic tool as it can be used as a learning aid. Children can read the phonemes, look at the word cards and build the word with our red tiles. Finally your child can write on the flashcards with our whiteboard pen.

Phase early years 2 phonics pack

Phase 2 New Starter Packs. 


Brand New Phonics Activities and Games

Phase 2 Phonics

Bumblebee and Flower Game

Phase 2 Tricky Word Cow
Read and dab the phoneme phonic activity phases 2-5 pre cursive
Phase 2 Read the phoneme and dab it with a paint soaked cotton bud.

Only available on our membership area.






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